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When confronted with the choice of systems, the size of the room will obviously determine the required power of the air conditioning unit. However, there are other factors to consider - for instance:

  • Who are the occupants?
  • How many occupants are there?
  • What is the room used for?
  • Are there south facing windows of substantial size?
  • What about office equipment and the heat generated by IT hardware such as computers, photocopiers etc?

Any or all of the above can inform the selection of the most effective system, and our knowledge, experience and expertise, plus computer-aided programs for determining size and capacity, will help you make the correct choice.

Where appropriate, initial contact with Pacific Air Conditioning is followed by a site visit to establish your requirements and to offer independent advice based on thirty years experience of air conditioning systems and selection of equipment.

A quotation complete with information regarding the options, specifications, method statement and product literature is prepared and forwarded without obligation.

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