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Heat Pumps

What Heat Pumps can do for you

  • Energy costs reduced by up to 50%
  • CO2 emissions reduced by more than 50% compared to mains gas
  • 400% energy efficiency

Heat pumps tap into the freely available, inexhaustible solar energy stored in the earth and ambient air and convert it into energy which can then be used to provide all year round domestic heating and hot water with the same convenience and reliability as conventional heating systems. In addition, our heat pumps can also be enhanced to offer cooling. 

Cost Effective 

Heat pumps have been shown to reduce energy costs by up to 50%. The only running cost with heat pumps is the electricity needed to drive the heat pump compressor. Further significant savings can be achieved by setting the heat pump to operate during off-peak periods, making use of cheaper electricity tariffs. Heat pumps also have none of the safety and maintenance costs associated with conventional heating systems, and because the majority of the energy is extracted free from the environment, running costs are relatively unaffected by the continuing increases in gas and oil costs.

Environmentally Friendly 

As heat pumps extract up to 75% of the heating energy directly from the environment, their CO2 emissions compared to gas central heating systems are reduced by approximately 50%.

The electricity required to run the heat pump can also be sourced through renewable means using 'green' electricity tariffs, thus virtually doing away with any use of fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions to zero.

Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient as they consume a small amount of electrical energy to deliver three or four times as much energy as heat.

Our Heat Pump of Choice

At Pacific Air we use the Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump range. The Ecodan Heat Pump range is suitable for everything from a small domestic to a large application. The award winning Ecodan systems provide a simple, reliable, renewable solution that rivals traditional heating systems.

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